The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Writer, skeptic, daydreamer.  As a lover of good food I also love to cook, and appreciate great wines, congenial company.  I collect rare books, old books, and good books and some bad ones too (just for reference).  Life is good, and god knows it’s too short.

Good company on a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


3 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Welcome ! Enjoy the trip ! You’ re a wonderful writer, dear. I can tell. You need an “About” page (you don’t have to reveal your identity, if you don’t wish to | write something poetic), and not to forget to place your wonderful posts under a proper category that you’ ll create for this purpose. If you need help, hit the bell and message me.

    Ps : I hope i made you laugh a bit. Take care, and enjoy MD Richardson !


    1. I have had the WordPress site for a long time, did nothing. I tried to do things and got lost, or did things that disappeared. I will look for an ABOUT page….I really appreciate the advice. Been a writer all my life, but writing things for other people scripts, ads, billboards, marketing plans, PR, financial plans, TV and radio commercials “ad nauseum”. I am enjoying writing for the sheer pleasure of the act. Cheers.

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      1. It’s easy. Let me help you.

        First, and firstly keep in mind the following : Since you bought your domain name, you’ re at .com. This means that you deal with two dashboards. This is a bit confusing to someone. I’ll explain to you another time the reason why you have two dashboards.

        Now, to create a page :

        Go to the left and click on :

        dashboard > pages > add new ( you’ll see exactly the same image or appearance like when you write a post, no difference. Write your title. For example : About, or About me, or whatever you wish to have as a title. Then -like when you write a post- write the content, the introduction you wish to write. That’s it !

        The second step is to add this page of yours to your “Menu”. It’s easy.

        Go to the left side of your panel again and hover over the title “Appearance”, a table with some options will come up. Click on the option “Customize”. The customizer will open. Find and click on the title “Menus”. You, probably, have only one menu. We are interested for the menu which says in a parenthesis (Currently set to : primary menu). Click on it. Now scroll down, just a bit. You’ll the title “Add Items”. Click on it. A table to the right will open. Find the “About” page, you created a few minutes ago, and click on. It will appear instantly to the left (under the pages which are already in there). Hit “Publish” on the top, and you’ re done !


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